Dance training typically starts at an early age. Students interested in ballet should begin training at age 5, with more formal training at the age of 8 or 9. One thing is certain; dance training requires every ounce of dedication, focus and energy the student can muster and the rewards are there for those who earn them.

Students start with the Pre-School Curriculum, move up through Pre-Primary and Primary levels, Grade 1 – 2 then through our Pre-Professional & Vocational Programs. In the Graded syllabi, students are offered alternative options of an Examination, Class Award or Presentation Class.


The early years stage promotes all areas of development and it has been proven that dance and music help their brain cells make the connections needed for virtually every kind of intelligence.

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Pre-Primary & Primary:
This curriculum level provides a syllabus that is artistically and developmentally appropriate, as well as fundamentally appealing to young children.

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Grade 3 – 4: This level is a continuation of the formal dance education and performance skills of the student. It incorporates Pre-Vocational Ballet, Pre-Pointe training, Pilates Conditioning and Contemporary Dance.

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