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We wanted to do something in insurance that hadn’t been done before … provide a health benefit to keep our policy holders healthy, vital & diagnosis free. Mission accomplished, Self Directed Wellness is our way of investing in the health of our customers with no cost consultations for diagnosis prevention & long term mental emotional health.

A living benefit in case you are one of the 1 in 7 Canadians diagnosed at any moment in your lifetime, coupled with prevention care (diagnosis avoidance) & Long term mental emotional support…its your choice. You benefit.

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What are the illness diagnosis chances?

Canadian health experts and the respective illness foundations estimate between 1 in 3 and 1 in 7 people will encounter a critical illness (cancer, heart attack, stroke) diagnosis in their lifetime. Government health insurance plans provide limited, medically necessary coverage.

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How does Self Directed Wellness work?

If you answer No, Yes, No to the questions. You should Contact us. What makes us different? Unlike other insurance sales practices who are either unable or unwilling to assume the cost. Critical Illness Insurance Canada invests into the health of our policy holders at no extra consultation cost. 100% prevention care, naturally first.

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What is a Self Directed Wellness plan?

While we do more to improve your well being, we don't treat part of you, we care for all of you and we don't charge more. Two years are spent partnering with a professional complementary physician or practitioner within our network. Discover a complete healthy living program. Ten years of long term mental emotional support follow with a Homeopath.

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